Apple Bough Noel Streatfeild

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Apple Bough  by  Noel Streatfeild

Apple Bough by Noel Streatfeild
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The Forums (David and Polly, and the children Myra, Sebastian, Wolfgang and Ethel) live in a house called Apple Bough, and are a very musical family. David is a pianist, and considered one of the best accompanists in the country. Polly had been training to be a professional singer before her marriage: after her marriage she gave up training, and became an artist.All of the children can play the piano nicely, but Myra, Wolfgang and Ethel are born amateurs.

Sebastian plays remarkably well, but there seems to be something missing. However, when he is four David and Polly realise that the violin is his instrument, and he begins taking lessons, and practising up to four hours a day.

Because of his violin lessons, Sebastian cannot go to a normal school, so David and Polly engage a governess to teach all the children - Miss Popple, who soon becomes known as Popps.At the suggestion of his violin teacher, David and Polly allow Sebastian to play at a musicians charity event when he is eight. As a result of this, an important American concert arranger makes an offer for Sebastian to tour America, accompanied by his father. The tour will finish in California, where a great violin master lives: the income from the tour will be enough to pay for lessons.

At first Polly refuses, not wanting to break up the family. However, a new offer is made, for the whole family, and Miss Popple, to travel with Sebastian. David and Polly think this will be a wonderful experience for the children, so they agree. Apple Bough is sold, Myras dog, Wag, is left with Miss Popples brother, and the family set off for America.One tour is followed by another, and after four years the family has travelled around North and South America, Japan, Australia, and Europe, but they have not been back to England.

By this time, the children and Miss Popple are getting tired of travelling: Myra misses Wag, Ethel wants to be a student at the Royal Ballet School, and Wolfgang feels its as if Sebastian was a dog and we were his tailWhen Sebastian turns twelve, he is able to perform in England. Before his first concert, Myra, Wolfgang and Ethel have a holiday with their grandparents, and it is from a conversation with Grandfather that Operation Home is born.

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