Come with the Love Light Gleaming Judy Nickles

ISBN: 9781500126711

Published: July 17th 2014


190 pages


Come with the Love Light Gleaming  by  Judy Nickles

Come with the Love Light Gleaming by Judy Nickles
July 17th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 190 pages | ISBN: 9781500126711 | 3.17 Mb

Trixie Collier Blake is sure the worst is behind her now. Trixies Treasures is doing well, and the tunnels have given up their secrets. There is every hope and expectation that Dees pregnancy wont end in the same tragedy her previous one did. Trixies father Clark has met someone special. Stephanie Wallaces dance studio is attracting students, and she and Trixie have become good friends. Danny Jefferson still works for Martins Market but has a nice little candid photography business on the side. And Mitch has told Trixie up front that hes ready to love again-and hopes shell think about being ready, too.

But then her mother, Lucy Lloyd, announces she is moving back to Dreamland to start a bed and breakfast in John Quimby Lloyds old home. On top of that, city councilwoman Daphne Carter sails into Trixies shop and announces that her son is going to lease the adjoining building and wants to cut an access door through to the third floor. She already has an artist-in-residence lined up to live there.

Hetty Green gives Trixie the low-down on Daphne, who went to school with Lucy, and also her son the one-time high school golden boy. Once more Trixie digs in her heels and refuses to even consider Daphnes proposal. Candace King is determined to attract tourists with ghost tours of the tunnels and other places around town, but she has to settle for a video tour when the health department declares the air quality unacceptable. She also brings in a team of paranormals, and what they hear one night is especially chilling when Lucy Lloyds body is discovered in her hotel room the next morning.

Nothing points to the cause of death except she looks like shes been literally scared to death. Dreamland has a new police chief, Hank Austin, who manages to score negative points with Trixie from the beginning. She has to admit, though, that he listens to her when she becomes a target yet again. Sean Mercer comes back to dig up more dirt. Mitch is enlisted in an undercover investigation. And Trixie finds herself on the edge of becoming one more notch on the belt of someone out for revenge stretching two generations back.

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