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One Flesh  by  Dr. S. E. Destiny

One Flesh by Dr. S. E. Destiny
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Only God can create a “one flesh” relationship between two persons. This “one flesh” condition is created through the making of a vow, and is called covenant for life. This is a marvelous work performed by those who are made in the image of God- for we create, in this promise, a new thing, a changeless stability in an ever-changing world.ONE FLESH is a 30 days mentorship program.

A unique collection of valuable concepts, thoughts, poetry, and most importantly scriptural truths that enlightens, enliven and enrich life.This timeless transformational book will challenge you to do more than standby and watch things happen. It will move you into action to put God’s principles of marriage into practice in every day of your life.You spirit will be enriched and your mind enlightened as you read from the daily expositions.

This is a great book for a resource, insight, encouragement, and a burst of information and inspiration for those willing to live and enjoy harmony in marriage.Dominion Publications“We are blind until we see that in the human plan, nothing is worth the making, if it does not make the man. Why build this city glorious, if a man unbuilded goes? In vain we build the world, unless the builder also grows.”This is the purpose of Dominion Publications: to achieve the vision of developing kingdom leaders who will transform their community and the world by creating a collection of world-class Dominion Products that give readers knowledge and understanding which can then be applied, whether studying or at work.As you have enjoyed this book we would be happy to have you order for more titles of our mentorship gift books such as: ‘The Way Up’, ‘Success in Life’, ‘Above Only’, ‘Take Charge’, ‘Wedlock is Padlock’, ‘The Marriage Bond’, ‘One Flesh’, ‘Real Marriage’, ‘Kingdom Wealth’, ‘Kingdom Prosperity’, ‘Faith is the Answer’, ‘Kingdom Faith’, ‘Victory is Sure’, ‘Victory is Yours’, ‘Failure: Springboard to Success’, ‘Real Success’, ‘Real Faith’, ‘Real Prosperity’, ‘Real Victory’, ‘Bank of Wisdom’ and many more.We hope you will use these materials as a guide.

Turn to the topic you need when you need it. Study the materials, ponder the suggestions, talk it over with peers, and test these principles in your own life and organization. Let these thought books mentor you.Plato once said: ‘Those who have torches will hand them on to others.’ In Dominion publication, we are handing the torch to you. May it light the path forwards for you. May it help you to help others to grow as Kingdom Leaders.

May it – if all else fail – be a star on your own personal journey towards excellence as a Kingdom Leader.ContributorsSharon Hart Morris, Ronald And Peggy Hawkins, Gary And Carrie Oliver, Joseph A. Webb, Bob Barnes, Christopher And Rachel Mccluskey, Walter Wangerin (Jr.), Don And Jan Harvey, Ken Unger, Les And Leslie Parrott, Tim And Julie Clinton, David And Jan Stoop, T. D. Jakes, H. Norman Right, Dr Samuel Adams, Gary Chapman, Ken Unger, M. Scott Peck, Ed Wheat, Chip Ingram, Daniel Vassell, Myles Munroe, Hendrix, Tim And Beverly Lahaye, Tom And Lori Whiteman, Fulton J.

Sheen, Emmerson Eggerichs, Michael And Karen Systema, Bob Yandian, Joseph Murphy, Kenneth E. Hagin, Reginald Klimionok, Fulton J. Sheen, Ben Young, David Clarke, John Gottman, Zig Ziglar, John Gray and many others.

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